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Lisbon 2018 - final!!

It's on ... !! I have to write this on my phone so we'll see how it goes. Will be shorter than usual. :-)

Fado stars! Interesting, we never see this in Norway. Then some other performers we never see.

The flags being carried, I love that. But it's not the performers carrying them, it's ... sailors ... But here they all are. Great way to present them. Aw, our little hobbit.

KAS doesn't like the presenters. I don't actively dislike them ... but I've already forgotten their names. o_O

Ukraine - Under the Ladder. Opening with weirdness. Cute kid. Confident on stage. A good opening to the show. Probably a little too weird though.

The postcards are good this year.

Spain - Tu canción. Sparkly! And very heartfelt. A very sweet song, and charmingly performed. But probably with no chance to win since this slow ballad style is not the kind of song that will win this year.

I managed to get my computer up and running so yay, no more blogging on my phone. :-)

Slovenia - Hvala, ne!. This is one of the songs that have been growing on me. It's probably a little too odd but it certainly stands out. And the singer is very confident on stage. I like it, the Slovenes can be proud this year, however it goes. Probably not super well.

Lithuana - When We're Old. Very divided opinions here on this song. I quite like it, I think it's sweet. Quiltoholic thinks it isn't the worst she's heard. KAS hates it and trilltrall (her husband) also hates it. He thinks it should be used as the background music for a TV ad in Switzerland. For euthanasia. :-D So we're not rooting for this, I guess.

Austria - Nobody But You. This was performed very well in the semi. Quiltoholic accidentally brought home an Austrian flag so she is rooting for this just for that. It's good, a straight up pop song that you could hear on the radio any day. Unlike a lot of Eurovision entries, if we're honest. Well performed. But probably too ... square? to go all the way. It doesn't really have that extra little something. Although it is quite catchy, especially the chorus. I don't know.

Estonia - Forza. Ooh, now we'll get to see the giant dress. We hardly saw anything at all of it on Tuesday. I like this song a lot ... it stands out because it's sort-of-opera, but it's not too opera, so people can listen to it even if they don't like opera. It's catchy. This could do well. The dress is pretty impressive ... people will remember the dress if nothing else. :-D

This is really good for us, anyway, because we're next, and our song will really stand out because the genres are so different.

Norway - That's How You Write A Song. I wasn't too impressed with the performance on Thursday, but it's better now, quite a bit better. And he has so much enthusiasm and confidence on stage. Good chemistry with the dancers too. Ooh, and fireworks. Much better than Thursday. We can be very pleased with this. Our commentator says that Alexander will be 32 on Sunday "and we know what he wants for his birthday" ... yeah, but I don't think he'll get it. ;-) But we'll see. We're definitely a contender this year, I think.

Portugal - O jardim. Well, of course they don't actually want to win again this year ... and they won't, so that problem's solved. This is exactly the type of song that is least likely to win this year. It's very sweet and beautiful, but it's not a winner. This year. Very pretty. Like a lullaby. Time to go to sleep ...

A visit to the green room. Oh wow, look at her dress. It's made of mirrors. I don't remember her name.

United Kingdom - Storm. There was an English guy at my book club last night who had never been there before, we talked about Eurovision ... I said that I didn't think their song was so totally shitty this year, he said no, it's not totally shitty, but it's really shitty. :-D I don't think so actually. I like it. I think it's catchy. The presentation is good too. Just SuRie and these lighting effects. But OMG!! A guy got on stage and grabbed her mike! OMFG! Wow, what a pro she is though. She's visibly shaken but she's carrying on like nothing. Wow. WTF was that. I'm going to send her a sympathy vote just for that.

Serbia - Nova deca. This has been really slammed in this country, several articles I've read here with reviews have been crazy negative about this entry. I quite like it though. It's probably a bit too specific to go all that far but it's going to get a lot of Balkan votes. Good for them for showing their culture like this. More entries should be like this. Looking forward to Denmark ... ! :-D

Germany - You Let Me Walk Alone. I like this song. It has a great message, a good melody, a catchy chorus, a good singer. Germany is usually the 2nd best of the Big Five, after Italy. This is another strong entry. But it's not a plus to go straight to the final, it's really not.

Albania - Mall. I was really surprised when this got through from the semi ... especially when Azerbaijan didn't. They had such a bad slot. :-( This is a very Eurovisiony entry. A little more rocked up than your standard entry, but definitely fits right in. It's one of the best entries Albania's ever sent, I have to give them that. Not at all bad. In fact quite good. Why was I so surprised on Tuesday? o_O

France - Mercy. I wasn't too into this song the first time I heard it, but it's really grown on me. I really like it now. It has a beautiful melody. (Unlike the singers' outfits.) It's quite catchy and it's very French, although not in-your-face French (I'm looking at you, Ireland). I like this a lot. I hope it does well. It quite probably will. But again, it's not a plus to go straight to the final.

Czech Republic - Lie to Me. This is not at all my style but I still kind of like it. The chorus mainly. Young people may probably like it a lot? It won't get a lot of votes from us, that's for sure. It's quite a favorite but I personally don't really see why. It can't have any wide appeal. But kudos to the Czech for branching out and thinking outside the box. :-)

Denmark - Higher Ground. One of my favorites. The melody is so great, a wonderful flow to it, a catchy ballad. Quiltoholic is rooting for countries with red and white flags tonight, so she's crossing her fingers for this one. The performance is too tentative though. A little better than on Thursday, but still. It doesn't pack enough of a punch. But we're singing along. :-)

Australia - We Got Love. trilltrall is rooting for this. Me too, because we have super cool dinner plans for when Australia hosts. They're bound to win sooner or later. This may be their year. KAS says no, this isn't good enough. But then who is good enough?? KAS says she doesn't know, she only knows who she thinks won't win. But she thinks everyone won't win! That doesn't compute, someone has to win. :-D It may be this. I like it a lot. And the audience does too. Her performance is much better tonight than in the semi. She's much less nervous, for obvious reasons. This is definitely a very serious contender.

A little more chitchat. Flirting in the green room. Paying tribute to Lys Assia. Aw!

Finland!! OMG Finland. Monsters! I have to pay close attention. We didn't get to really see this on Tuesday, we mainly just heard it. Oh wow, they are spinning her around. There were lots of cheers on Tuesday, we didn't really see what people were cheering for, but we see it now. What a show. And what a great song. My vote goes to Finland, 100%. I can't help but think that they have a really chance.

Bulgaria - Bones. Probably the most, shall we say intense song this year. A striking entry. I like the song a lot, but this performance is a bit off-putting for me. I don't know ... the song is good, but as a whole I don't really believe in this entry. But this year I really know absolutely nothing.

Moldova - My Lucky Day. The first time I heard this I thought WTF ... ! But it has really grown on me and I wasn't surprised to see it make its way through from the semi. I think they have the chance to do really well. This is so much fun. It would be absolutely hilarious if Moldova actually won with this ... !! :-D

Sweden - Dance You Off. Quiltoholic figures this is a good time for a bathroom break. I'm not a fan, but I'm staying in my seat. It's the same song they sent last year though. Sweden is so annoying. And now they're trying to give us epileptic seizures too. What a douchey kid the singer is. At least he has his jacket on properly now. In their national selections I just wanted to smack him upside the head. I cannot believe that this can possibly win. This is techincally good but I still don't like it.

Hungary - Viszlát nyár. My least favorite of this year's finalists. I don't believe in this song's chances at all. It's kind of catchy, but I don't see how this is the kind of thing people tune in to the contest to watch. People want to have fun on Eurovision night, and this is not fun for the majority of the audience, I think.

Israel - Toy. This entry was not performed well on Tuesday, we thought. We could hardly hear Netta's voice, it was quite disappointing considering this was one of the big favorites. It sounds better now, much better. But this will have to rely on the younger segments of the audience to take it anywhere. And I wonder if this will get great results from the televotes, but not at all from the professional juries. It'll be so exciting this year! :-)

The Netherlands - Outlaw In 'Em. Not at all the type of music we expect to hear in Eurovision. Not at ALL. :-) But precisely that makes it stand out. And the performance is excellent, very professional. But I don't think this is what the audience is looking for either.

Ireland - Together. Ryan broke the curse and got to the final, but now what? It's a sweet and charming ballad. I like the presentation ... I like the way they've recreated the video. Even with snow. But this is exactly the type of song that is not going to win this year. Also it does get rather repetitive. KAS hates it. :-)

Cyprus - Fuego. Ooh, what an outfit ... !! Sparkliest outfit of the night. We didn't get to see the outfits when we saw the show on Tuesday. This is one of the big favorites tonight, but I have to say that IMO, Australia beats this hands down when I compare them tonight. But this has an excellent slot though. I'm so confused ... !! And now there's fire ... ! The audience in the arena loves her. Maybe the TV audiences will too? But no, now I'm rooting for Australia against this.

Italy - Non mi avete fatto niente. This has grown on me too. I'm not too crazy about this kind of message in the contest ... and their performances are a little too intense for me too. And they went straight to the final, that is not a plus. But the song is catchy, it has a good beat. We'll see. I know nothing.

Start voting now!!!

The first runthrough of all the songs ...

OK, I voted once for Denmark, three times for Australia and five times for Finland, and once for the UK out of sympathy ... and respect for SuRie's professionalism. My duty is done. Fingers crossed for ... I don't even know who at this point. :-)

Interval entertainment. No sign of Salvador. I guess his doctors don't want him to participate. :-( Should we know who Branko is?

Second runthrough.

Some more bad jokes from the presenters ...

A recap of Portugal's Eurovision history. Interesting and entertaining. :-)

Chatting to audience members ... and to the winner of Junior Eurovision. Aw, she's singing Amor pelos dois.

To the green room with the delegations, reminding us that the voting will end soon ... and Salvador!! Yes!! Oh, I'm so happy for him. I have a close relative whose life was saved by transplantation, it's an amazing technology. Salvador looks healthier now than a year ago. He's gained a little weight. Aw, he's dancing. To the extent that he ever dances, I guess. So sweet! He really does look so much healthier. And he has people on stage with him who are probably super famous but that we have never heard about. :-) Ooh, Amor pelos dois! So sweet. :-)

Third runthrough.

Voting is over! Eep! And it's already time for the jury group votes. This is so crazy exciting! I have NO IDEA how this will pan out. I think the winner will be one of these:
I have no idea ... !!

Just as long as it isn't Sweden. What is wrong with the jury groups?? I hope the televotes will sweep the Swedes off the metaphorical table. KAS is profoundly shocked that Lithuania is ahead of Denmark.

The jury groups seem to really like the Israeli entry. I'm surprised, I hadn't thought they would. And Austria is doing so well. Imagine if it comes to a showdown between Israel and Austria ... ?? o_O

That guy who's going to give us the Australian votes looks like he's animated.

WTF is wrong with people! Stop giving all these points to Sweden!! >:-(

I am cheering for Austria now! A thousand times rather Austria than Sweden. But the televotes can change everything. And they probably will.

The twelves are being rather democratically distributed tonight ... ! :-)

Austria has got to beat the Swedes. We are in shock. Waiting with bated breath for the televotes ... !!

The jury votes are in. Austria in the lead and Sweden right behind them. Israel third. How is this possible?? Sweden second?? But now it will all change ... very soon we will get the televotes and then we will see. I have literally no idea how this will end.

Australia totally bombed!! OMG!! I'm shocked.

Sweden are screwed!! YES! We LOVE the people of Europe!! :-D Finland is also screwed but I don't really care anymore, as long as Sweden is out of the running. OMG. This is so exciting.

Austria's out too! OMG! It'll be Israel or Cyprus then? OMG! Denmark still hasn't been mentioned ... :-o

Germany's out! OMG! Israel will probably crush everyone. But anything can happen. There's Denmark. They did amazingly well!

This is so even. It's so exciting. OMG. Israel or Cyprus?? Or in some crazy turn, Italy? OMG.

Israel or Cyprus.


OK, out of the two of them, we preferred Israel. And Sweden didn't win, at all, they didn't come anywhere near. So we're relatively happy. :-) And Netta is beside herself with happiness, that's nice to see. :-)

Two thoughts now: What did Salvador think about handing the trophy to Netta? :-D She's not exactly his favorite. In a way she is everything he said in Kyiv he didn't like about Eurovision. BUT at the same time they are both kooky outsiders, in different ways. Celebrate diversity!! :-)

Another thought: The splitting of the votes really highlights how incredibly different the professionals and the regular joes see this. It's really very striking.

Actually, two more thoughts: I cannot believe how badly Australia did ... !! :-o

Lastly, I feel soo sorry for the people who are going to clean up the arena now. Not only will they have to pick up fifty kilos of confetti from the floor, but all of that confetti will literally have to be picked up and not swept up, since it will be practically glued down by all the spilled beer. On Tuesday, the floor was so sticky that we had to pull our feet off the floor as we walked out. :-)

Congratulations to Netta and to Israel!!! :-)

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