Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hope springs eternal

But sometimes it may come from an unlikely source.

Does anyone remember my most recent rant - this post about escalators, the stupid idiots who can't use them and the explanatory signs of my girlhood which are now merely a lovely dream. (A post which, in case you didn't notice, prompted an anonymous commenter to deduce that I seem to be 'frustrated'. No shit, Sherlock.)

But yes, hope springs eternal!! I would never have expected this cheering sight to come from Sandvika Storsenter, but 'tis true as the poets say - even the most disgustingly sprawling megamalls* have their redeeming features. This so brought on my Christmas spirit when I spotted it the morning of the 24th. Warmth and fuzziness.

*A megamall by Norwegian standards, obviously.

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