Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm in the top fifty!!

So yay!! This will mean nothing to you, but I'm really psyched, so here it is. I just realized today that I'm now one of the top fifty Postcrossers in Norway. How cool is that. :-D Over at Postcrossing the site keeps track of the top fifty ranking for each country, and if you're that high on the list, you get two little thingies on your profile. Look at mine, here. There's one for the number of postcards you've sent out (that have been registered as received by their recipients) - I'm 48th on that - and one for the distance your postcards have travelled, I'm 49th on that. Whee!! I'm so happy that something like this makes me so happy. :-)

This is the card that got me into the top fifty. I made it myself. :-)

FYI: There are currently 692 registered Postcrossers here in Norway. Just for, I don't know, scale. :-)

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