Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An episode

An episode which happened to me at work today, with a customer who I think maybe had an episode. :-D

This guy comes in pretty often, he's in charge of purchases for a division of one of our biggest customers. I've talked to him a hundred times and of course I know his name. And he knows that I know it. So this was kind of weird.

He came in to pick up some stuff and buy a few things, and also to bring in a power tool that needed repairs. Whenever I get anything in for repair I fill out a form on it, with info on what is wrong and the customer's contact information and so on. So I wrote down the company name and the guy's last name. Let's call him John Smith. So we're looking at the paper where I've just written 'Smith,' - he's seeing it upside down of course, but still, it's his own name. Then the following was said:

Me: So, your phone number, what's that again?
Customer: Smith!
Me: No, I already have your name, I meant your phone number.
Customer: John!
Me: ... Still need the phone number.
Customer: Oh, right. Let's see [tells me the number, which I write down].

He had a younger colleague with him, to help carry I guess; he was really laughing, he even asked the guy, Did you just have a stroke or something? :-) Sure, we shouldn't be laughing at stroke patients, but on the other hand, if you can't laugh, what can you do? (Take up politics, perhaps.) And it was pretty funny at the time. This is such a crazy busy week that I don't have time to blog about anything serious. :-)


Anne Ida said...

*lol* you have been watching too much Black Adder, girl ;-)

Leisha Camden said...

'Too much Blackadder' ... ? Hah! There's no such thing! :-D

Paz said...

ITA no such thing as too much!