Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I grow up ...

... I want to get a job in the equal rights factory. I just need to learn a little bit about the trade first, like what measurement unit is used for equal rights.

Is this guy trolling now, or what is this?

Our high percentage of women in the workplace is one of the most important reasons why our economy is so much better than in other countries. Srsly? It's not because of the oil?

This is why this nation is going to have an absolutely brutal awakening the day that very finite resource runs out. We don't have leaders, or politicians generally, that talk about what really needs doing and how we can get it done. What are we going to live on when the oil's all gone? Seriously? Sure, he's not saying that the oil isn't important. Just that equal rights are more important. o_O Having women work and pay taxes, and not just men, means a lot more resources being pumped into our economy. I get that that's what he's saying. But.

Isn't it the case right now that something like 75% of all Norwegian women above the age of 20 are actually already in the workforce? I think that in the age group 30-49 it's 80%, or maybe even closer to 85%. So how much exactly does Lysbakken think we have to go on? The overwhelming majority of Norwegian women already work. I despair at a leading figure in national politics actually thinking that that is the issue.

Then again, anyone who'd name their child 'Aurora' clearly has some kind of problem.


KAS said...

I think Aurora is a nice name, so clearly I have some kind of problem ;-)

Lysbakken has bigger problems, though. This was made for guys like him: http://greatinventions.tv/products/105.php

Calyx said...

News for Granny: this country is already crawling with little Auroras. It's in fashion :)

That said, I think you should make a new tag: "Things only politicians believe".

Leisha Camden said...

The fact that it's getting so common is only another reason to dislike it ... >:-)

IMO his choosing that name for his daughter means he has issues because it - to me - is indicative of what an incredibly pretentious little shit he is.

LOL @ the great invention! I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Lysbakken had tried to order one of those at some point. It's only fair to share the burden, you know. ;-)

@Calyx: That would be an endless series, wouldn't it. Shudder.