Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Postcrossing annoyance

Can I just mention one thing that really annoys me on Postcrossing? It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I always feel like ... well, it really pisses me off. I won't name names, but if this applies to you, you should seriously reconsider what you're doing, because pretty much everyone else who comes across you on the site thinks you're a cheap hypocritical bitch.

Isn't it incredibly annoying when you either get somebody's address, or you get a card from somebody, and you see on their profile that they specify that they don't want ad cards ... and then you go to their wall and see that pretty much EVERY SINGLE CARD they send out is - you guessed it - an ad card? Kinda like the one they just sent to you, say.

Yeah, that seriously pisses me off. >:-(


Elin said...

Seriously? :-o
By the way, isn't some of the fun to go shop for postcards?

Leisha Camden said...

YES ... !! That's part of it, and also looking through your stash and trying to find exactly the right card for the person you're sending to, and trying to think up what will really put a smile on their face ... that's also a big part of it for me. Not just grabbing whatever card's on top of the stash of freebies you picked up on your last trip to the movies. >:-(

It's not that I'm necessarily against ad cards, they can be really cool, it's just that it's so hypocritical and nasty to specifically demand that people not send you ad cards and then turn around and send out nothing but those yourself. If you check out my PX wall I'm sure you can figure out who 'inspired' this post ... but sadly that person is not alone.

KAS said...

Hehe, I had to check it out of course. I see what you mean! Glad most people aren't like this person...

Leisha Camden said...

No, fortunately, there are very few PXers like this one. But on the rare occasions when I come across them it really bugs me. They're exploiting the site IMO. >:-(

I also don't see how they have half as much fun with PXing as those of us who do it right. ;-)