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Copenhagen 2014 - second semi-final

THIS IS IT ... !!!

Yay yay yay ... ! We're back!! And now, yeah, this really is it. Do or die for Silent Storm. I have faith in our entry this year, I seriously do ... I'm happy to say that we really have a quality song this year. That doesn't happen every year, so yay us. :-)

A rather arty opening with lots of music and weird dance. Modern. Why the hell not, go nuts! I'm already so convinced that this will be good that they'll have to really screw up to make me change my mind.

Ooh, a virtual tree. That's so pretty. And with apples falling ... ooh. Pretty.

And now, our gracious hosts. The guys in boring suits, the gal in another unbecoming dress. But this is slightly better than Tuesday's. Seriously curious about what she'll be wearing on Saturday. Again, so happy that we can only vote after the performances are over ... and that there's a cap on the number of votes from each phone number. Still not ideal, but much better.

Malta starts the show, making their flag with fireworks. Nice. But the song's just way to meh. Not the best song to open with. But of course that's what you get with the luck of the draw. Actually this is sounding better than the studio version ... much more engaging. I actually kind of like this now. But still, probably too generic to get anywhere. And samey.

Israel, making their flag with a ... what now? Huh. This is one of those songs that are kind of freaky but that just hook you anyway. Her performance is much milder than I'd expected though. Maybe she's been asked to tone it down a bit. :-) She is so super aggressive in the video ... but it fits the song. She's too smiley now, the lyrics are so serious, she shouldn't be smiling. The song sounds really catchy but her performance, while energetic, is wrong for it now. IMO. But she definitely has the arena going. This is what really opened the show. ;-)

Norway! Our performer, who is a glazer, of course makes our flag from a window. Aww. But can he sing?? The arena's full of fans, sounds like. He better not smile at them ... !! Seriously though, this is such a beautiful song. We really don't need all these effects ... the smoke, the lights, the four (!!) violinists ... it's overdoing it, IMO. It was better in Oslo, where it was just Carl Espen and a pianist, nothing fancy at all. But he's doing a great job, he's emotional and genuine and really showing off his beautiful voice. Yep, this is good. We're in. :-)

Georgia next, with a flag made from glasses of wine. And a bizarro entry made of garbage. They sound weird, they look weird, and the song literally takes one minute to even start. The last two minutes aren't worth waiting for. Seriously, what were they thinking. They should have saves their money. This is just total weirdness and not even charming. Blech.

Poland ... !! OK, they have been slammed for being trashy, and I thought they totally were too when I first saw them, and heard their entry, but this has seriously grown on me. I like this a lot now, I listen to it all the time. I hope they'll get through. Kind of a shame that they've been talked into singing mostly in Polish, and of course it doesn't have the same effect with so few people on stage ... and hearing it now I have to say this doesn't pack the punch the studio version does. It's less catchy in real life. :-) But still one of the entries that I have ended up really liking despite myself. And I like how they're just going all out with the Polish thing (interesting, because I would totally hate it if, say, Ireland did that ;-). And it's good that they're singing mostly in Polish. So yay, go Poland. :-)

Another silly record. Clapping. Austria has the record. I should have guessed ... !! because Austria is up next. GO AUSTRIA ... !!!

Hosts, still in the same outfits, thanking the fans. And introducing Austria. Yay!!

Conchita makes their flag out of evening gowns, of course. Ooh, I'm shivering in expectation. Gotta turn up the volume on my TV set. :-) OK, I've heard her sing better. But she's looking gorgeous, the dress is beautiful ... and the presentation is fantastic, OMG, I love it!! Austria!! I love you guys!! I SO want to see this on Saturday ... !! THIS SONG IS SO FANTASTIC I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE VOTE FOR IT ... !! Wow. I has a happy. This was perfect. THIS IS EUROVISION YOU GUYS ... !!1

Lithuania. One of my least favorites. OMG her outfit ... ! Dumb outfit, annoying song with ridiculous lyrics. Epilepsy-inducing presentation. The best thing I can say about this is that it's making Austria look AMAZING in comparison.

Finland, making their flag out of blocks of ice. Nice. This is another song that has really grown on me. It's not a great entry, and the presentation's not doing it any favors, but it's very enjoyable to listen to. Compared to Attention it's a masterpiece. The poor singer sounds out of breath after the first two minutes. :-) But the song's pretty catchy, nothing wrong with it. Probably too bland though to get very far.

Ireland. Flag made from balloons. Clever. I really like their song this year, it's very catchy and has a really good beat, but they'll probably mess it up by bashing us over the head with Celtic knots and what have you. And ... yep. OMG they even have Irish dancers. IDIOTS. The song itself is Irish enough, we don't need all this other crap. And she's not singing very well .... and what's with the dress, seriously. And she's looking very stern. Alas! I had certain hopes for Ireland this year, but I fear they're fading very fast now ... Still a very catchy song, but rather badly performed and presented. :-(

Oh no, Belarus ... !! Shudder. Maybe the worst entry this year. A flag made out of hockey pucks can't save it. This song is just so totally, dare I say it ... cheesy. BUT I will give them this, that they're sounding, and looking, a hell of a lot better than they did in their national final. Then again that wouldn't take much. >:-)

Macedonia. With a flag made from ... sound waves. Wow. Oh, I love what they're doing with the flag colors transferring to the #JoinUs diamond. I like this entry, kind of ... the song itself is really nice, pretty, a nice melody ... but the presentation is weird, I'm not sure I get this guy in white running around. And her singing isn't the best we've heard tonight, to put it diplomatically. Optimism fading for Macedonia too ...

Switzerland. Sebalter making their flag from dominoes. Or domino-shaped things. Yet another song that has really grown on me. I'm crossing my fingers for this entry ... the Swiss keep getting a bum deal in the ESC, they've sent several really good songs that haven't even gotten through to the final. Hoping that won't happen this year. This is catchy, charming, a kind of "loud" presentation, but fun too ... I like this entry more and more every time I hear it. Good luck to Switzerland!

Our hostess reminding us to vote. And a silly record, for ... people licking their lips? Ireland has the record. Johnny Logan ... ! LOL!

Greece! Flag made from towel and shells. :-) This was a song that I felt sure I wouldn't like when I heard what kind of music it was, but then when I heard it found myself really liking it immediately. The intro's so cool. Great singers they're not, though. And while the song is catchy and has a really interestng beat, it does get kind of repetitive. It's a ... ooh, there's the trampoline ... song that you don't want to listen to too many times, it can get on your nerves. But hopefully most people aren't like me and haven't heard all the songs dozens of times already. ;-)

Slovenia, flag made out of books. What's not to like about that. :-) Another good intro. And a striking presentation. I like that the song is partly in Slovenian and partly in English. And it's catchy too, not exactly memorable, but really catchy when you're listening to it. I like this. Getting a little dizzy from the swirling blue lights, though. :-)

Romania. Ovi and Paula are making their flag out of ... let's see .... reflections from fireworks on water. Paula's got a bunch of fans in the arena. :-) I like this entry, but it's not as good as Playing With Fire. It's catchy and has a good beat but it doesn't just instantly grab you like that song did. Oh jebus a circular piano ... ! Seriously ... I do like the song, but really, a truly quality entry doesn't need bizarre gimmicks like that. I would LOVE to see Romania win one day, but with this song ... not so much. A fun entry though, and a great way to end the performances. We'll definitely be seeing this again on Saturday. :-)

Ooh, the voting is about to begin ... !!

A runthrough of all 15 songs. Doesn't matter to me, I don't need it, I already know who's getting my votes. Go Austria ... !!! :-D

A word from the hostess - a shoutout to Australia ... ! Aw, sweet. They deserve it. :-) But so annoying that they're making the joke "you can't be in the contest, you're not in Europe" ... that just confuses people who really do think that that is the rule. What's Israel doing here, then? The answer is of course that the contest is for EBU members, not European countries. Still, really cool that they're making a point of the Australian fans. Fun interval entertainment. :-)

OK, ten votes to Austria. My civic duty is done. :-) Oh, OK, two for Switzerland as well. :-)

Another runthrough.

OK, some guesses. Let's see. This is a hard one to call. I'll say I'm certain about these:
Norway ;-)

Pretty sure about Poland too. Slovenia? Other than that, sheesh ... !! I want to say I'm sure about Switzerland, but ... if that song had been sent by anyone else, I'd say it was a shoe-in, but since it's Swiss there's just no telling. But fingers crossed.

There will definitely be some not stellar entries getting through tonight though ... since ten of these songs will be in the final, this is unavoidable. ;-) But some are too crappy even so. Hoping we won't see these again:

Of course there's one entry I'm dying to see get through though ... ! Austria! If there is justice in the world then Austria will have gotten through ... ! But of course there isn't enough of just that ... and far too much prejudice against people who don't fit the standard mold, especially in ... certain areas. :-(

Loving this medley of dancers from all over Europe and of all ages, what a brilliant idea. And so cheap, I'd imagine. Way to go, DR! :-)

A saunter through the green room ...

Silly record, though this one actually isn't entirely silly - longest note held, and the record goes to Malta, for 13 seconds.

Wow, Conchita has a whole arena full of fans there ... !! A good sign! But our singer in 2011 had lots of fans in the arena too and we all know how that went, so I'm still in dread of what may happen, or rather not happen, in the next fifteen minutes. I has a nervous ... !!

Brief presentation of the big five and our host. Same as Tuesday. Yay Spain. :-)

Checking in with Jon Ola ... who's not ready with the votes, what a shock! Technical difficulties? Oh well, another runthrough, why not. Augh, I'm so nervous ... !!

Eek! The results are ready! NERVOUSNESS ... !!!

And the finalists are ...
Switzerland! Oh yay!! HAPPY!
Slovenia. Yep.
Poland. Unsurprisingly.
Romania, of course.
Norway, of course. ;-)
Greece. Yes.
Malta! Really?
Belarus! What the fuck??
Finland. Good for them.

OMG they made it! Does this mean that there is a god?? ;-) YAY AND HURRAY!!!

OK, so, seven out of ten tonight. And one that I seriously thought we'd gotten rid of. But we got through, and most importantly, Austria made it!! I has a SUPER happy!! :-D

Vienna 2015 ... !!!

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