Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vote Austria!!!

OK, so I just have to post something before the show starts, I'm super nervous and just can't wait for it to just happen already ... !!! so we'll all know how it'll go. :-) I am SOO hoping for Austria to win tonight. I think the field is wide open and pretty much anything can happen tonight ... there's no obviously brilliant song that's guaranteed to leave everyone else in the dust, like Fairytale or Euphoria. But Austria's entry is my total favorite, and although the song isn't perhaps the best this year qua song, the entry as a whole is hands down the best in this year's lineup. And the performance ... !! They've made quite a few changes from their national final and absolutely everything's just made it better. A fantastic presentation and a wonderful performance. Conchita's no Maria Callas, but who cares! She's the perfect performer for this song and the whole thing is just clearly the best. So vote for Austria, people!!

VIENNA 2015 ... !!!

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