Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turtle pictures

I am so excited about meeting the little guy tomorrow. You'd think it was me getting a new turtle. :-D But I really can hardly wait for our road trip. In honor of the occasion, some of my favorite turtle pics from Flickr.

Yes, I know that the new little guy isn't a baby anymore. But turtle babies are just too adorable ... !!!


Paz said...

the little ones are cute

Leisha Camden said...

I know, aren't they. Hard to believe that my little guys, even Raphael, were tiny like that once. :-) I wish I'd seen him then! or at least a picture. He would have been between one and one and a half inch shell length as a hatchling. Hard to believe he was ever that tiny when I see - and feel! - how big and strong he is now. :-)

KAS said...

Happy turtle fetching! :-D New guy have a name?

Anne Ida said...

Heehee! Cute little guys ;o) And I just love the pic of the slider covered in moss - looks kind of like a fur coat :o)