Sunday, August 15, 2010

Batty cuteness!

Remember the little bat I posted about, the one I 'met' at the cabin? Well, here's the video I promised. Is that little guy adorable or what?? :-) Look at his little face. Aw. :-) I mentioned that he threatened to bite me ... as you'll see, he probably wouldn't have been able to even if he'd tried, his mouth was just so tiny ... but you can really see his teeth in the video, he is soo cute flashing his fangs like that. He also made some squeaky noises at me, but I can't hear them on the video, so I guess the camera wasn't able to pick them up. They were very faint, I could barely hear them. But check out how fast he can move. :-o He sort of hooked himself along and just moved so fast, I was surprised. It was such a great experience getting so close to a bat. It's the first time I've seen one of them that close. In the past when I have seen them that is all I've done, seen them. I have never been able to touch and hold one like this. I was so happy to get the chance to do that. He wasn't very happy about it, as you can see from the video, but at least he got to be out of the cold and wet for a little while. :-)

After the video :-) I picked him up again and carried him around the house to a woodpile on the old veranda. I let him crawl in among the stacked wood, that way he would be out of the wind. When I checked a couple of hours later, he had flown away. :-)


AudiX78 said...

Incredibly cuuuuuute :-D lucky you

Elin said...

Heeh! The cuteness! :D Bats are cool! :)