Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Damnit, and yay!

I was at Tronsmo yesterday making my monthly purchase, and I discovered that - damnit! - I will be missing their backyard sale this year. For those who will be in town (KAS, I'm looking at you ;-) it's August 27th through 29th. I usually go every year, it's the best backyard sale there is. They have competitive pricing and a much more interesting selection than the publishers who do the same thing. I'll be sorry to miss it, so damnit.

But also yay, because of the reason I'll be missing it. I'm going to Hammerfest! I was going to mention it when I bought my plane tickets, but I forgot. :-) I'm going to visit my BookCrossing friend Elin. It'll be pretty exotic for me, I've never been further north than Bodø. And even that was like 20 years ago. So yay. :-) I hope to get to see some reindeer running around. ;-)

So, I'll be missing an annual event for something that will be a unique experience. At least at this point ... I hope this won't be my only visit. I haz a plan. :-) And in any case, it's probably just as well that I don't go to the sale. I still have books from the same event last year and the year before that I still haven't read. :-o

But speaking of books, WTF is up with Outland?? Since when did they close the store in Paléet?? I haven't been there to check, I just see from both the websites that they must have closed it. And reopened it in Church Street, in a much bigger space. Seriously, it's enormous. I just accidentally walked past it yesterday and was so surprised. It's good that they have more space, I guess, but at the same time it's so sad that they're not in Paléet any more. The last time I was there, I didn't even know it was the last time. :-( But what are you gonna do. The new place is badly lit but is much bigger, so presumably they will now have even more cool stuff. :-) Ooh, guess what they have already - pick and mix Legos!! How cool is that! Gah, why is K.* still such a tiny baby?! I see so much fun stuff that I want to buy for her, but, to borrow a line from Erlend Loe, she's so little that she hardly understands anything. Damnit. :-)

*K. is my honorary niece, Calyx' and N.'s daughter. She is only 7 1/2 months old now, but as she gets older, I'm afraid I will have no choice but to spoil her rotten.

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KAS said...

Huh. Well, my excuse is that I don't live in Oslo anymore. Had no idea Outland had moved. Thanks for the update! ;-)

As for the sale at Tronsmo, I might go. Thanks again, had no idea it was this week.

Maybe I should start paying attention more... ;-)