Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awesome Austrian

I know, there's that word again ... I really try to avoid using that word. It's one of the most overwhelmingly overused words in the English language, hands down. Using it so much devalues the meaning of it, and what can take its place? I mean, if the brownie you just had was awesome, then what word do you then use to describe the Grand Canyon? But I'm giving myself a pass this once ... because of the alliteration. :-)

The awesome Austrian in question is one Niko Alm, who is now my hero. He rocks. He is an atheist and he thinks that it's annoying how theists get away with breaking the rules because 'it's their religion'. On a side note, SO many people don't understand what discrimination is. Oh, I can't wear my [crazy shit that god wants me to wear] in whatever situation I want to, I'm being discriminated against, boo hoo! Discrimination is when one group of people are forced to conform to a separate set of rules that don't apply to others, and there is no biological necessity for it. When you're being required to follow the same rules that everybody else has to follow, then what you are experiencing is not discrimination. It is in fact the exact opposite of discrimination. Get a dictionary, people. But where was I.

Oh yeah. Mr Alm apparently thinks that it's not right that people can wear headgear in their driver's licence photo if it's for religious reasons, but otherwise they can't. A very sensible stance for him to take. But he decided to take it one step further. When applying for his driver's licence, he demanded to be allowed to wear a pasta strainer on his head. For religious reasons. He's a pastafarian. He rocks. :-D

An article about Niko here and his blog here.

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