Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Overheard on the bus

Yesterday morning on the bus I sat behind these two random strangers and overheard something really weird. It was this girl, or young woman ... she was talking to a guy sitting next to her, they obviously knew each other. I figured they were colleagues since he seemed to be older than her ... too much older for them to be like classmates. But whatever. They were talking about someone the girl knew who apparently acted like a total ass on Friday, after the attacks.

I didn't catch the entire conversation, I was trying not to listen ... but she was talking so loudly that it was hard to miss, plus like I said I was sitting right behind them. She said that this other girl, along with a bunch of other people, had been to a bar or someplace like that on Friday night, and they had been really loud - in a party-party way - so much so that they had been told off several times by other people there who couldn't hear the news over the noise they were making. I know, right? I was totally with the girl on the bus, that is way out of order. o_O The guy totally agreed too. But then she says this, about the other girl:

She has like zero national feeling because of that Jehova's Witness thing. She's always like, we only get one chance at life.

Wait, what?

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Paz said...

you can have a great education system and good colleges, but there are always going to be idiots.