Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun with friends

Board game night at Calyx and N.'s tonight. N. won Colosseum and was pretty happy with himself. (Calyx wasn't super impressed. ;-)

But it was actually kind of impressive, because he actually won even though he only expanded his arena once, and the rest of us all expanded ours fully. He got really lucky with his first two event programs. He was able to stay in the lead throughout the whole game, so he kept collecting podiums, and of course they stack, so that was really good for his tally of victory points too. This does make perfect sense if you know how to play this game, I promise. ;-)

Check out his arena in the final round ... !! :-D

(We have a house rule about moving the nobles, so it isn't as crazy as it looks. ;-)

In Carcassonne, Calyx managed to build a heart-shaped city totally by accident. Isn't it pretty. :-) If you ignore the ... growth on the side there. That looks unhealthy, but it was fantastic for my little green farmer. :-)

Calyx and N. are the parents of my honorary niece, K. Since she's too little to understand about the internet, I haven't posted any pictures of her on the blog. But today I just took soo many great pictures of her that I can't help myself, I have to share one.

She is absolutely totally adorable, I promise. It just doesn't really show in this photo. But she is absolutely super cute. ;-)

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