Friday, August 28, 2009

Bookcrossing in Berlin

Check out this article from Aftenposten earlier this month (click to enlarge):

It's about a non-official BookCrossing zone in Berlin, where you can leave and pick up books from the hollowed out trunks of the trees you see in the picture. What a great idea. I'd love to see that one day. The article's in Norwegian, obviously; I tried googling around a bit but all I could find in English was pretty much this. Weird. I may be doing the wrong searches, I guess. But it's a great idea, anyway. :-)

Thank you so much to my friends KAS and trilltrall for clipping and saving the article for me while I was on vacation!! It's so appreciated, thank you so much. :-)

In other news, Tronsmo are having their annual backyard sale this weekend. It rocks, check it out if you're in Oslo. More info on my book blog, here.


AudiX78 said...

I saw that article :-) great idea :-)

Leisha Camden said...

It is, I wish we had one in Oslo. :-)

Anonymous said...

Niiice! I need to visit that place sometime.