Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!!

Happy new year to all of you reading this; I hope you had a good evening yesterday. Whichever way you prefer to celebrate the end of the old and beginning of the new. :-) And I hope that if you have made any new year's resolutions, you've picked some simple ones so that you'll be able to keep them without too much trouble. ;-)

I for my part have at least one resolution ... to be a better blogger than I have been for the past month or so. That should be manageable. Here's hoping. :-) I also have one that I will definitely carry out within this coming fortnight - to take Herman to the vet to have his shell looked at. He's got some trouble with it again that I'm really worried about, it's been coming on for a while but I've been putting off taking him to the vet because, well, I procrastinate about everything, but mostly because if you don't know something bad for a fact, you can pretend you don't know it at all, right? I know, I'm a terrible pet owner!! He obviously feels just fine, it doesn't bother him at all. At least not yet. But it definitely doesn't look right. I'm incredibly busy this coming week, unfortunately, but I will be calling tomorrow to book an appointment for the week after. Fingers crossed he'll be fine again. :-(

Any other new year's resolutions I will have to think about a little more. One thing I will definitely carry on doing in this shiny new year - badmouthing the so-called 'newspaper' Dagbladet. Marie Simonsen's comment on the two new year's speeches - the king's, which I watch religiously, and the prime minister's, which I usually try to avoid, as politicians generally turn my stomach - how ridiculous is that?? Fine, I know they're republicans, but can't they at least pretend to be serious?? Stoltenberg touched on many of the major events, unlike the king who only stuck to July 22nd - WTF? Did she watch what I watched? I thought the king barely mentioned July 22nd! He went on about the earthquake in Japan and the Arab spring and I don't know what all ... I was sitting there waiting for him to mention it. o_O She definitely didn't watch what I watched, she wore her republican glasses. Bitch. As for the PM's speech, sheesh, fuck that shit. I'm sorry, I have to switch over to Norwegian here, I can't be bothered to translate all of this.

Dette er internett på sitt beste. Internett på sitt verste er når totalitære forførere får snakke uimotsagt i mørke kroker på nettet.

Dette må vi møte med fasthet. Vi skal drive dem ut med kunnskapens lys. Å ta til motmæle mot ekstremisme er å ta ansvar for fremtiden. Jeg oppfordrer alle til å bli gode digitale nabokjerringer. Ikke for å sensurere meninger eller kvele debattene. Vi skal tåle det ubehagelige. Det som irriterer, provoserer og endog sjokkerer. Men - vi skal ta igjen. Vi skal svare.

Ja, da kommer jo datalagringsdirektivet til nytte, eller hva, Jens?? >:-(

Angi naboen til staten kan du gjøre selv.

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Paz said...

happy new year to you too madam