Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oslo BookCrossing meetup

A couple of pictures from this month's BookCrossing meetup here in Oslo. This afternoon, in fact. We meet once a month, normally on the first Wednesday of every month, at 5pm in the La Baguette café in the Central Station. If you're a BookCrosser, or if you're just interested in BookCrossing - or even just in reading - stop by! We're a very friendly gang. :-) You can usually tell which ones we are by the stacks and stacks of books on our table ... ;-)

If you're interested in a meetup but you're just passing through Oslo, let us know! We'll try our best to drum up a meetup while you're here. In the past couple of years we've had extra meetups for BookCrossers from Australia, Finland, Germany and England. The best way to get hold of us is to post about your plans on the Scandinavian BC forum. You'll be almost guaranteed to find some people here in Oslo who'll be able to meet up with you. :-) And share some books ... or a lot of books. :-)

The zone is between two of the couches, you can't miss it. It's really full right now, so if you're looking for something to read and you're passing through the Central Station, look no further! :-)

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