Thursday, January 5, 2012

A shopping spree

I has a crazy ... !! At least it feels like I've gone a little bit crazy today, but that doesn't hurt anyone, does it? We all need a little bit of crazy sometimes. :-) Throughout 2011 I've been saving up loose change and what not ... a twenty every week, for starters ... with a view towards a wild shopping spree in a board game store some day in the new year. And that day was today. I went out to Kjeller after work to visit the brick & mortar store attached to the very tempting online store KAS met me there - she works right around the corner - strangely enough neither of us had ever been there. (A bit stranger in her case, I have to say. :-) I had something in the region of a couple of thousand crowns to spend. I know - dangerous ... !! :-D

Well, it was hard to choose - and of course they're sold out right now of the one game I want most of all at the moment - but I managed to muddle through somehow. *cough* So many wonderful new additions to my collection!! Those of you who are coming over for board game night on Saturday won't know what hit you. ;-)

The store!! Oooh ... !

From whence I brought home, wait for it ...

Rattus: Pied Piper. An expansion for a really fantastic game, in which a swarm of Rattus norvegicus spread plague across Europe.

Mr Jack. A two player game where one player is an investigator and the other takes the part of Jack the Ripper. The investigator tries to find out which of the game's eight characters is the notorious killer, and Jack tries to escape from Whitechapel.

Carcassonne: the Dice Game. The dice version of the now classic tile laying game. Supposed to be very quick and easy.

Cardcassonne. The card version of the now classic tile laying game. :-)

Cartagena. Pirates try to escape from the dreaded prison fortress.

Thurn und Taxis. Players set up mail routes in the late 15th century.

Galapagos. Biologists follow in the footsteps of Darwin, exploring the Galapagos islands. Designed by the same people who made Rattus, so I have high hopes for this.

Carcassonne: the Tower. One of the very few Carcassonne expansions I didn't have. :-)

And in addition to this, KAS decided to get me my Christmas present early - very early ... !! :-D We found the perfect gift, which she would have given me for Christmas three weeks ago if only she'd gotten around to visiting this place earlier. :-D So now she's gotten off to an extremely early start on her Christmas shopping. ;-) KAS: come December, all you have to do is wrap up, ooh, I know, a KvikkLunsj! :-D and put a note inside where it says REMEMBER TORTUGA ... !! :-D

Anne Ida, you and I will be playing this at the earliest possible opportunity ... !! :-D


KAS said...


Hope you had fun on the 401 bus to Furuset! ;-)

Leisha Camden said...

Fun maybe isn't the word, but it was interesting to do a bit of sightseeing. Might have been better with daylight, but we can't have it all. :-)