Saturday, April 7, 2012

Home sweet home

Back home and all is well. :-) The trip was long and kind of stressful when we were delayed in Quito for what felt like halfway to forever but in fact was only about an hour and a half ... but we got hardly any information and of course we were worried about arriving late to Panama City, because we absolutely had to catch our flight to Amsterdam. We'd hoped to be able to look around the vaunted Hub of the Americas a little too, but ended up having zero time for that. Too bad, cause it actually looked like a place where I'd really have liked to wander around for a bit. Although my bank account is probably just as happy I didn't have time for that. ;-)

It was great and weird to be back home ... and wonderful to see that Raphael absolutely did remember me. He forgot all about me when I went to Egypt, and was very frightened of me when I came back and refused to eat if I was in the room for literally months. :-( But he's been socialized soo much since then that I was hopeful that wouldn't happen again this time. :-) He swam away under the roof when I went up to the pond, then came carefully and slowly out when I sat down and tapped on the front of it like I do to get him to come up to me ... I couldn't wait for him to climb out so I lifted him out; at first he was very determined to get back in the pond asap, but that only lasted for a few moments, and then he looked back at me and seemed to be thinking, Now wait just a minute, I remember this ... :-D Then when I let him go he climbed up onto my lap. Aw. :-)

Henrik acted like I'd just been downstairs to check the mail. :-D Herman's been staying with Anne Ida because of his medication, so I didn't see him till today. He was surprised at first when I picked him up, and wanted to go to her instead ... but again that was only for a few moments, and then it all came back to him. :-) He's still a little more wary of me than he was before I left, but that'll pass. I just hope Anton's nerves will calm down now that he has his territory to himself again. :-D He was not happy having this horrible intruder there. He tried to drive him off ... but at the same time was frightened too, it can't have been a good combination. Aw, poor little fellow. Anne Ida showed me a very entertaining video she'd shot of the two of them, which hopefully she will upload to her Youtube channel soon.

Anyway. Everything went better than expected. Mostly. :-)

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