Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homeward bound

Yes, I'm still alive ... !! I haven't updated the blog for almost two weeks, even though I've had SO MUCH to share ... I'm sorry, but we've had an absolutely grueling schedule, and not the best internet access either. We've had wifi at almost every hotel, but not always equally reliable. We spent four days in Cusco, I figured I'd share some pictures then, but the wifi there was so unreliable and we had so relatively little time in the hotel that I couldn't be bothered. Especially since we were supposed to have wifi on the ship as well, and we thought we'd have a little more spare time once we got to the Galapagos. The latter sort of panned out, a little bit, although the schedule was very tight there too, but the former totally fell through. So, total disconnect for almost a week. Now we're in Quito, in a ridiculously fancy hotel.

Which has wonderful internet access and wonderful everything. Yesterday we had a chocolate massage therapy session. :-D Today we're going home - our flight to Panama City is at a bizarrely precise time, 2:49pm. o_O Then we'll have to hang around the so-called Hub of the Americas (we suspect it's somewhat less fantastic than it sounds) for three hours before our connecting flight to Amsterdam. I'm not much of a Schiphol fan, but I long to get on that flight. We'll be in Oslo at around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

I wonder if Raphael remembers me ... ?


Paz said...

fantastic cant wait for the rest

Erika E. said...

leisha, today I discovered your blog by searching for some opinions about the Norwegian lack of brave thinking and general mental narcolepsy that is leveling the Kingdom. I think you are a super extra uber woman with great interesting thoughts. So glad to stumble over people like you. i wish we could had a chat and a coffee one day. Maybe next time when i am in Oslo you would be interested. I might have some books for you :P I wish you lots of inspiration and health! Stor klem fra kristiansand
ps. i always wanted to visit Peru and I have not yet finished my fights with Ulysses. Respect!! :D