Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another new OBCZ in Oslo

You may remember that I mentioned plans I was making to set up a new BookCrossing zone ... another new zone ... in that fair trade store I'm volunteering at. The owner of the store asked me to do it, so of course I was eager to oblige. :-) I think it's a great place for a zone, I really do ... looking back at my files and notes and what not I see that I've considered it a great place for a zone for at least two years. o_O I am slow. But better late than never. I set the zone up today, I donated ten books to it from my own shelf and they were released this afternoon. Of course I took some pictures. :-) If you're ever in Oslo, stop by! It's a really cool store, they have all kinds of things ... chocolate, for instance, the absolutely delicious Divine brand ... and you can shop with a clear conscience. :-) More info on the zone's own shelf, here.

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Paz said...

nice to see your keeping busy, bet with the downturn in the economy there will be more book crossers