Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yes!! Yes yes yes yes!! Redgreen victory!! WOO-HOO!!!

OK, it's very even, 86 seats for the left versus 83 for the right. But still, it is a victory. It means that the current government will stay in power for the next four years. YES!! :-D

I've been watching TV (NRK of course ;-) all night and it's been so exciting, such an even race constantly, nerve-wracking for everyone involved. The broadcast has more than anything else confirmed my prejudices. Kristin Halvorsen (Socialist Left) was a bit hysterical, Liv Signe Navarsete (Center Party) was calm and collected, Dagfinn Høybråten (Christian People's Party - yeah, I know) was a disgusting slimeball, Lars Sponheim (Left, which is actually on the right :-) was depressed by their lousy results but held his head up, Siv Jensen (the Progress Party) lied through her teeth and blamed everyone else, Erna Solberg (Right) was disappointed but dignified. And Jens Stoltenberg (Labor - and still PM!!) was very impressive. I loved his victory speech. Which, incidentally, really highlighted the difference between his party and FrP.

Stoltenberg thanked all his supporters and so on, of course, and he also thanked everyone who voted for his party, and he thanked everyone else who voted for other parties. Because, and I'm quoting from memory here, it's so important for our democracy that we all do our duty and let our voices be heard ... so thank you to all the voters tonight, whatever party you voted for. Now that's classy. Whereas Jensen, sheesh!! She actually had the gall to say that she was grateful to those who had voted for FrP and that she appreciated how those voters have had the guts to stand up for their convictions and what they really believe in, etc, and do the right thing for Norway. WTF?? I would like to say the following to her: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!!! Where the hell does that bitch get off telling 77% of the voters in this country that we're cowards who don't follow our convictions and don't want the best for our country?? Cause believe me, those of you who didn't see it, that's what she was saying.

What a fucking liberty. >:-( But this is no time to think of petty irrelevancies like Siv Jensen's opinions. >:-) Let's think about Stoltenberg the statesman instead. And VICTORY!! :-D


Paz said...

the expression used 'Fuck you and the horse you rode in on' is used commonly in Ireland

DES said...

“Sponheim [...] was depressed by their lousy results but held his head up”? It would be more accurate to say that he resigned in disgrace after his party was slaughtered in the election...

In Keanews, Patrick Swayze (co-star of Point Break) died last night.

Leisha Camden said...

I know that Swayze died, I read the papers ...

Yes, he resigned, but he held his head up. What he's done in this campaign has been to stand up for his principles and now to accept the consequences like a man. I didn't vote for Venstre and I never have, but I have a lot of respect for Sponheim right now. I don't think the term 'disgrace' is appropriate at all. Unlike a great many others on the blue side in this campaign, Sponheim has held to his principles despite the fact that this wasn't tactically the best thing to do. I applaud his actions.

If you're going to use the word disgrace, it would be better applied to FrP reactions to his resignation. That behavior would have been disgusting in grade schoolers.

Paz, I didn't know that that expression was common in Ireland, I've always thought of it as an American thing. You learn something new every day!! :-)