Friday, September 11, 2009

Oslo Open Houses 2008: the Nobel Institute

So, this weekend a year ago - I know!! - KAS and I went to this Oslo Open Houses thing that apparently isn't happening this year ... how odd. Check out what I wrote in the comments last time I posted about the event, here. I know, it's ages ago. I haven't gotten around to doing the second half of it till now, I should be ashamed of myself. I am too, a little. But better late than never.

The second place we went to that day was the Nobel Institute. This is where the Nobel Committee works and where the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is announced every year. It was cool to get in and see the inside of the building ... some of it we see on TV every so often, but it's so cool to see places like that for real. Although it did feel a bit unreal to be standing around the table where they actually sit to discuss the nominees and decide who gets the Prize ... o_O

The entrance.

The bust of Nobel that stands on the lawn to the right of the entrance.

Ooh, shiny ...

The hall where the Committe's important announcements are made. The press room, I guess. :-)

The table where the discussions happen. o_O (KAS pretty psyched to be there; some random stranger on the way out.)

Some photos of famous Nobel laureates of the past.

Copies of some of the diplomas that are part of the prize. The artwork is unique to each winner.

Of course, it's not all hard work at the Nobel Institute. Sometimes they sit in the sun and relax. :-D

You can see some more pictures from the event here.


AudiX78 said...

too bad there isn't such a thing this year now that I am so frequently visiting oslo :-) I like houses with history :-)

Paz said...

very cool madam, great to get to see something like that

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, it was very cool, I'm so glad we went. Even though it took me a year to blog about it. ;-) AudiX78: yes, it is a pity, I'm sure you would have enjoyed it ... but are you on board for Kulturnatt 2009?? It's next Friday, be there or be square!! :-)