Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There is something so seriously wrong with Americans. o_O

I don't know if it's their culture or what it is. But they are so messed up. That's like something I know for a fact, but it's at the back of my mind most of the time, I don't normally think about it. But then sometimes something happens, I see or hear something that just makes me go ... O.M.F.G.

Check this out. I landed on this site from a post on the Atheist Experience blog ... it's about how Martin, one of the contributors over there, got to be on TV this week. He was interviewed about a billboard that an organization he's also a member of - or so I assume - called the Coalition of Reason has put up alongside a highway somewhere in Texas. There's a photo in the article I linked to.

In his AE blog post about the interview, Martin says that he'd be happy for people to participate in the discussion of the article at the website of whatever media outlet this was that interviewed him. So I went ... not to discuss, I don't want to waste my time on it (sorry, but not my country, not my problem). Just to see what was being said. The usual mix of Xian windbags foaming at the mouth and skeptics talking to brick walls. But it's an automatic function in the discussion arrangement on the site that has me so flabbergasted. Do you see it? WTF is up with that??

Just in case you don't see it ... or you can't be bothered to read through six pages of comments to find it (the first example is on page 5 of the comments currently) ... I'll tell you what it is. OMFG. The comment function automatically censors some word combinations, apparently. Something which I have never ever ever seen in any online discussion in this part of the world. But look closely. I could maybe, possibly, understand it if they blanked out fuck and a few other words like that. But look. In those comments, the noun form of the verb to document comes out like this:


Because it has the word cum in it. o_O

OMFG. The land of the free my shiny metal ass.

Any Americans reading this: I don't know what it is exactly, but something is seriously fucked up over where you're at, people.


Shiva said...

"In America you're free to do as we tell you!" ;)

Paz said...

thanks for this, was reading on way to work this morning, brilliant made me laugh, the (censored) is mightier than the sword