Friday, June 18, 2010

Something I'd like to know

Who exactly is this person - or persons, I suppose - who leaves food out for the birds by the foot of the statue of Tor fighting Jormundgand every fucking morning?

OK, I accept that it may not be every single morning. Maybe not weekend mornings - I only go by there on weekdays and I can't say for sure that it happens on weekends as well. I would imagine that it does, because why stop on Friday? But even if the feeder is taking weekends off, five days out of seven is bad enough.

My bus goes by that statue every single morning at either ten past seven, or forty past. And there are the birds, chomping away at whatever's been left for them. Is it just me, or is that just wrong? What is the person thinking who is leaving all this? I mean, why even feed those birds? Those particular birds? Feeding pigeons at all outside of St Mark's Square in Venice is bad enough. But to feed pigeons at Tveita? Why fucking bother? Not to even mention that when this person is feeding pigeons, they're also feeding seagulls. Quite a few of them.

I don't mean to disparage anyone's intellect here, but outside of a fishing boat where you just can't help it, I have to say that to actually be actively feeding gulls, you've got to be pretty much snowed in for good.

Which of course this person is, since apparently they don't realize that by feeding birds on the ground like they're doing - every single day, did I mention that?? - they are in fact just as much feeding rats?

What are people thinking. >:-(


Paz said...

maybe he's the guy that is paid to clean up the mess around the area and making sure that there is work for himself :)
ITA its madness to feed them

Leisha Camden said...

OMG, you've got it ... !! :-o I never even thought about that, but you may be right - maybe there is a guy like that. If so then he is now my number one suspect! ;-)

Paz said...

Ever see Chaplains Film the Kid, if not watch it when you have a moment besides watching royal weddings weddings :P
this reminded me of it as part of the plot a little kid goes around breaking glass and chaplain is a glazier and is the kids surrogate dad.