Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A thought on Oslo

People rag on Oslo, but they just like to complain. And people rag on Norway, but they just don't know what they're talking about. For my part, I love the fact that I live in a country where on a random Wednesday night you can bump into a member of government taking her children to a play all alone and unescorted in the center of the nation's capital.

But I have to say that Anniken Huitfeldt has to have a pretty lousy sense of humor. She looked soo grumpy, and who can be grumpy watching Kurt?? The play was Kurt koker hodet by Erlend Loe, at Oslo Nye tonight. Yes, it's a play for children, but as anyone who's ever read any of the Kurt books will know, he's a bundle of laughs for adults too. I thought the production was fantastic. Pretty much everyone looked great - Johannes Joner in the title role especially, he did a great job and looked just right. Quite an achievement for the costumier, since the character does have a rather ... unique appearance. :-)

Yes, I am a fan ... I dig Kurt ... but I have to say that this is a really impressive production, objectively speaking. Mostly great performances and a very creative scenography. If you have the chance, go see it. Don't listen to Anniken Huitfeldt. ;-)


Elin said...

Oslo is a fabulous city in my opinion. And I would have loved to see the play. The Kurt books are the best books Erlend Loe has written in my opinion.

Shiva said...

We sure are fortunate to live in our part of the world. No question about that.