Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back home ... !

... for about twelve hours, but still. Nice to see the turtles again. :-) The little guys were of course happy to see me - Herman mostly, Henrik was really lazy and had to be coaxed off their little floating bark island to come say hello :-D - but Raphael surprised me, he's less standoffish than I'd expected. So, yay. :-)

It was seriously weird to get back to the city though ... at around 6pm I got down to the Railway Square subway station to get a line 2 train home, and it was so weird to think that just eight hours earlier I had been up in the mountains ... so incredibly different, like two different worlds. And in another twelve hours or so I will be in Ireland. :-) Kind of hard to wrap my head around it ... :-D

Of course I took a million pictures while I was away. OK, not a million, but a couple of thousand. Yeah, seriously. o_O Here are some of the good ones, with explanations where necessary.

Linnaéa borealis. A great year for them this year, they're everywhere. They were my grandmother's favorite flower, they always make me think of her.

One of the goat kids spending the summer at the shieling this year. Don't ask what happens to them when the summer's over ...

We had a little bit of rain, but mostly sun.

A frog I met while hiking to Wild Man's Valley. Is this fellow gorgeous or what. :-)

Lom stave church (late 1170s).

Oh, the scenery ... !!!

In Ireland I will have internet access, apparently, or so Paz says, at least. :-) So more photos coming up soon, presumably. More, but different. :-)

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