Monday, July 12, 2010

When, oh when ...

... will my new computer arrive?? I so need it. More things going wrong with the old one every day. :-(

In other news, there's a thunderstorm, so the TV's blacked out and I'm missing half the True Blood rerun (that I have on DVD in any case, yeah yeah). But I love thunderstorms ... at least when I can be indoors. ;-) I just love being inside late at night and listening to the rain drumming on the roof. :-) Raphael did something totally cute today ... it scared the shit out of him but was really funny to me. I didn't get it on camera, alas. But I have a few other pictures.

I'm rereading Persuasion (a Norwegian audio edition that is so fantastically read by Petronella Barker) and of course that makes me think about The Lake House. I want to watch The Lake House again. Aw.

In closing: Do you want to laugh at homeopaths? Then check out xkcd, here. :-D

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