Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shopping and the amazing Internet

I've done a little shopping today *cough* ... some things for Swap-Bot, some postcards, some crafty things ... and my monthly purchase at Tronsmo. I buy something there every month - my contribution to keeping the best bookstore in the country around as long as possible. You should do the same! :-) I found some fantastic postcards there, and a book of cartoons that I've been meaning to get for like three years. Hugleikur Dagsson, the funniest man in Iceland. But should you really be laughing at this?

Oh shit, the mayor's coming! Helen, hide the retard!
I have a name.

Why are you getting a divorce?
Because your father's a necrophiliac.
I can't help it.

I also put in a couple of hours at Friends, and of course I had to pick up a few things there too. I always shop every time I work there, I can't help it. Just a little chocolate ... and ooh, that tea looks really good ... and I'm almost out of sugar and look at this gorgeous bag! Ekcetra. Today I also picked up one earring. We'd gotten a new shipment of jewellery from Pernille Bülow's Unique and Fair series that I unpacked, priced and tagged ... one of the pairs of earrings was one short. Since I only have one ear pierced this seemed pretty perfect for me, so I bought it. It's so pretty too. And the bead's made from recycled glass. :-)

Now here's an example of what is so great about the Internet. Of course since we sell this jewellery line at Friends, you know it's fair trade. But this company has taken it one step further, beyond just getting their fair trade certification. My earring was made by a woman who is three years older than me; her name is Augustina and she is a single mother with two daughters. She doesn't have a lot of education herself, but thanks to what she earns making this jewellery she's able to send both her girls to school. You can see some pictures of her here. Isn't that just amazing? :-)

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