Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My new computer arrived ... !! :-D Yay and hooray. I kind of miss using the old one already - although of course it's standing right here, so I can use it if I want to :-) - but this is a huge improvement, I have to say. Even if the old one hadn't been broken. First and foremost though I am so glad that it arrived before I go on vacation ... which will be Friday afternoon. It would have been just my luck if it had arrived on Friday night. ;-)

Yay. :-)


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Paz said...

I feel for the old computer, sitting there alone and unloved like a woman who has been dumped after 20 years of marriage for trophy wife or like the first born child that is too young to understand why a new baby in the house is getting all the attention.
A human interest news story that is tacked onto the end of the nightly news as filler, over emphasised narration with Damien Rice's song 'Unplayed Piano' in the background.
its been a long week with long hours