Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aasmund Nordstoga Band live at Rudi farm

I promised someone that I would post some performances of traditional Norwegian music here ... parts of a concert I saw this summer, at Rudi farm in south Fron in Gudbrandsdalen. It used to be a working farm but now focuses on culture ... the owner, farmer, whatever (he still keeps a few goats, I think) runs an art gallery on the farm, there's a restaurant, and the barn has been converted to a concert venue. It's really cool ... a beautiful place, and with amazing views of the beautiful valley. My mother wanted us to go see Aasmund Nordstoga perform with his band ... her cousin and his wife were going and they told us about it, and my mother immediately decided that we must all go too. :-) I'm glad she did, it was a really good concert. I want to get some of his CDs now. :-)

Anyway ... I recorded some of the show and ended up with three videos. Here they all are. Follow the links below the videos to get a little more info on what's in each one. Don't miss the third one, Nordstoga performs Ved Rondane with all four verses and hardly any music. Beautiful.

Fullscreen and more info here.

Fullscreen and more info here.

Fullscreen and more info here.

Is it just me or is the video quality kind of fucked up ... ? o_O Well, as long as the audio's good, that's the important thing with these, I guess. :-)

Good news for some: These were the last of the videos I made from my mountain vacation this year, so now I'm all set to upload all my Ireland videos! Count 'em - 26. :-o I have some issues. But I hope there'll be something worth watching. :-)

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