Monday, September 20, 2010

'Keanu Reeves' by Jonny Kock

So, the other day I was browsing around Platekompaniet's online store, looking for ... well, something ESC-related. Totally by accident *cough* I came across something really weird - a song by a Swedish singer I'd never even heard about, Jonny Kock. A total unknown to me. And, it would seem, to most people. But that's neither here nor there. The song, strangely, was called Keanu Reeves. I know, right? I just had to buy it. It's from an album, apparently, but they don't make you buy the whole thing ... that's something I really like about that store, in their mp3 section they sell both whole albums and single songs. That's maybe totally common, I don't know, I don't buy a lot of music online. :-) But I like it, anyway. It was a very good thing in this case, because having listened to this one song, I definitely wouldn't want the album. ;-)

Anyway ... I was hoping it might be a good song, but it's not, it's just some whiny emo thing. Alas. I had to share it with the world, though, so I made a video. Remember I said I figured out how to make videos from still photos? Yay me. :-) I knew just the picture that would go great with this song, with just a little addition. Yay for the lolcat builder over at ICHC, too. ;-)

In the unlikely event that Jonny Kock should see this, no offense. It's nothing personal.

Widescreen here ... and also my translation of the lyrics. There's one word I don't get - I hear it, but I don't understand it in that context. The last word of the first sentence in the second verse. Anyone?

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KAS said...

Haha very appropriate Keanu LOL!