Friday, February 4, 2011

The 10:23 Campaign

I should have blogged about this sooner ... kind of too late now since the event is tomorrow, but there you go. I'm sure there'll be a repeat next year, so you'll just have to remember it till then. :-) Basically, to sum it up, I'm going to be taking an overdose tomorrow. You can read all about it here. A little something quoted:

What is homeopathy?
Ask many people what they think homeopathy is and you'll be told "it's herbal medicine" or "it's all-natural".

Actually, it is neither of these. Few people realise that homeopathy involves diluting substances so much that there's literally nothing left in them.

Homeopathy is an unscientific and absurd pseudoscience, which persists today as an accepted form of complementary medicine, despite there never having been any reliable scientific evidence that it works.

The 10:23 Campaign
The 10:23 Campaign aims to raise awareness about the reality of homeopathy. We will tell you how it can be shown not to work, why homeopaths' claims are impossible, why you should care.

The campaign is organised by the Merseyside Skeptics Society, a non-profit organisation for the promotion of scientific skepticism.

The coordinator for the event here in Oslo is my fellow podcaster Kristin Carlsson - you can read about it on her blog, here. Also an interesting post on the Skepsis blog, here.

And speaking of the podcast, we recorded a new episode today, with an interesting guest, Asbjørn Dyrendal. So keep an eye out for that. :-)


KAS said...

I read about it, of course. I knew it was happening. Should have been there. Have excuses...

Hope you guys had fun! :-)

Paz said...

sorry have not been commenting been busy, I hope ye are not feeling too bad after overdosing, no mad side effects like speaking in tongues etc

Liz Ditz said...

I'm collating a world-wide list of videos and blog posts. It's kind of fun to see how everybody else did it.