Sunday, February 20, 2011

SWITZERLAND 2011 - In Love For A While

Switzerland has been plagued by bad luck in the ESC for the past few years ... I mean seriously bad luck, they haven't even qualified for the final since 2006. And even before that they did so badly for years and years and years. Poor Switzerland ... they haven't even been sending bad songs, they just sort of ... shoot above the goal posts. I loved their song in 2008. I listen to it often, it's beautiful, I love it. But it didn't get through. Will they have any better luck this year?

It's hard to say. I'm not an instant fan. I really don't like the fact that they've copied last year's winner ... outfit, choreography, type of song. Plus that it's not a good strategy, because whenever one type of song has won one year, then next year something really different usually wins. So that may, probably will, backfire. What's positive? Pretty girl with a really good voice. Seems to be charming ... although that is obscured a bit for me by the choreography, which I really think they will be penalized for by the audience. Relatively catchy song.

It's a nice and sweet song, and her voice makes the entry memorable, and if they keep this presentation - or at least the type of presentation - they may well score some votes on the simplicity of it. But I am not convinced by this.

Take a look for yourselves though. This is Anna Rossinelli performing In Love For A While by David Klein. He will be competing for Switzerland on Tuesday, May 10th. Against us, among others. I can't help but think that our smiling Stella will make this entry fade into the background ... ;-)

Fullscreen here. Lyrics here.

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