Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Very good book

That I'm reading right now. Or, OK, listening to. Very well read by the actor Ron Silver. The Plot Against America, a novel by the relatively prolific American writer Philip Roth. It's the first time I've read anything by him, and I have to say it definitely won't be the last - this is a fantastic book. It's an alternate history kind of thing, set in a 1940s US where FDR didn't win his third term, but was defeated by Charles Lindbergh. Roth's Lindbergh character carries his real world counterpart's isolationist ideas over into politics, makes a deal with Hitler, and allows antisemitism to proliferate. The main characters are a Jewish family in Newark, based on Roth's own personal history. It's really fascinating. He brings it all to life so well. And he highlights something very important - something we all should keep in mind.

An elected government that wishes to turn the state it governs fascist, does not at any point have to take any single action that a reasonable citizen cannot accept and agree with.

My phrasing ... I hope it makes sense. Also hope you will read this book. :-)

Speaking of wonderful writers, I hope you've all caught the amazing Google logo today!! As I'm sure you all realized immediately ;-) it's in honor of the birthday of the one and only Jules Verne. Rockin'. :-)

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