Thursday, August 11, 2011

I knew it

Got a letter from Dr Zahid today, with my test results from last week. I knew I had to have some kind of anemia. I am severely low in iron and he wants me to take some kind of medication for it. 'See enclosed prescription'. I suppose it's a supplement, but seeing as it's on prescription, it's got to be pretty strong stuff. Well, good. Hopefully I'll get my iron level up to normal and will then no longer catch every little bug that's going around. Fingers crossed. :-)


Paz said...

cross toes too, just in case

Elin said...

I have anemia as well, and have learnt the following: Coffee, tea and dairy products hinders uptake of iron, so avoid these at main meals. The vitamin C helps the uptake, and is ideal with iron supplement. :)
I try to eat lots of spinach and beans to get more iron, as well as taking supplement.

Tanumine said...

I'm crossing everything I can, too :-)