Friday, August 12, 2011

Sleeping turtle FTW!!

I love my turtles. I can hardly say this enough: They are SO CUTE. They do SO many adorable things. Their little faces!! Or lack thereof. Check this out. Right now, Herman is sleeping ... well, both of the little guys are sleeping, the light in their tank goes off at a quarter to eleven and they usually go to sleep pretty soon after that. Henrik is on the turtle dock, ie in a very dark corner, so he's all set. Herman on the other hand is lying on their bark island tonight - this isn't attached to anything and so floats around the tank. It's often next to the turtle dock, but right now it's sort of in the middle and more towards the 'outside corner', ie, in the lightest part of the tank. Which is still pretty dark, but, you know. I'm sitting in my chair with my reading light on. The tank is to my immediate right, I can reach out and touch it. Herman is sort of at my right shoulder, just a couple of feet up. And he's lying so that he's facing the room, not the back of the tank, which might have been smarter. The way he's positioned himself right now, the light from my lamp gets right in his eyes.

Well, that's what you think!! Ha! NO light is going to get into these eyes tonight!! :-D

The picture's blurry, sorry, it was hard to avoid. This was taken inside the tank just now. Is he the cutest thing ever or what. :-) Look at his tiny little nose there sticking out. This is hardcore R&R. :-D

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