Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazing coinkydink

OK, that was just too weird.

So, I'm sitting here innocently watching an old episode of Futurama, right? They're doing reruns twice a day on ViaSat4. The episode was one of the Anthology of Interest ones, and I got a little curious about whether those were originally made for one particular time of the year, like the Treehouse of Horror episodes on The Simpsons. (The answer is no.) So I end up on Wiki reading old episode synopses and reminiscing. And while I'm doing that - this is after the episode is over - I've switched the TV to teletext just so I won't be distracted by the commercials or whatever. It's on the front page and the main news item changes every so often. Seriously, this was too weird. Get this.

I'm reading the main page on Wiki about the show, and on the top of the page there's info about the original run, the rerun periods, there's info about the four movies (which I shamefully have not seen yet!!) and then it says that Comedy Central has picked up the show for one new season. OMG brand new season brand new episodes OMG!! :-o I've probably just been in a coma and everybody knows this, but it was total news to me. But of course I'm thrilled, right!!? New Futurama episodes, that's fantastic. I can hardly wait (although, if they're airing in 2010 in the US, when the hell will we get to see them here, then??). Then, after reading this, I scroll down the page and read the list of the cast. Just for the nostalgia of it. Aah, Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio. Bender rules!! On margin, Zoidberg wants to buy on margin!! Ahem. And then I glance at the TV screen, and I see this ...

... the top news item now reads, Futurama Voices Get the Can. o_O I go to the page to read the item, and what it says is that because the original cast are demanding so much money to come back to the show, Comedy Central is now looking for new cast members to voice the new episodes. (I googled a bit and apparently nothing's been decided yet, but they're 'negotiating' for some bizarre reason. There's an article here, for instance.) WTF are the odds of this?? I randomly come across information that I'm totally unaware of, and literally within ten minutes I see these news on teletext that I again had no idea of that is so essential to the first piece of news??

Argh, damn my pattern-finding brain ... !! This is too weird. I want chocolate.

And I also want to go on record as saying that Futurama without John DiMaggio is WRONG and BAD. >:-( Give him the money!!!


Paz said...

gotta love Bender, amazing you get time to watch TV with all you read

Paz said...

agree with you give them the damn money, they make enough allready

Leisha Camden said...

My trick is that I watch TV while I read. ;-)

IMO they should just pay at least West and Sagal and especially DiMaggio pretty much whatever they're asking for. Because Futurama without them will just absolutely not be the same. And it's a big risk to take - the fans have been asking for the show to be brought back for years, but they want the original cast, so Comedy Central are risking a flop IMO if they use different people now. Sagal and DiMaggio especially have such distinctive voices ... everyone would know in a heartbeat that they'd been replaced.

Bender just wouldn't be Bender without John DiMaggio's voice. Waaah!!!

Paz said...

It is amazing that they can be dumb to try with new actors.
At least you watch good TV ;) when you read.

Leisha Camden said...

Only quality entertainment for me. ;-)

They want to do it on the cheap, that's their call, but I think it will probably backfire if they try. This is such a cult show now, you can't do just anything with it.

RHJ said...

There are many of the Futurama TV episodes I've seen several times. And I can well imagine to see them even more times.

It is none of the films I've seen more than once.

Let's hope the new TV-episodes brings the fun back?!

Paz said...

Good news today, they signed all the original artists