Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OBCZ update

Remember my new OBCZ that I posted about a week and a half ago? I don't think I mentioned that I was really hoping the zone would do well. But of course I was thinking it. :-) Of course I wanted there to be lots of activity, books released, books picked up, journal entries, etc ... although I don't know exactly how much there would had to have been for me to be happy with it. But I have to say that so far I am totally blown away by what a runaway success this project has been already. The zone looks perfect where it is, it blends in so well in the café, and it's extremely visible even from outside. People who walk by can see it easily. And of course the location is pretty much perfect. So I expected it to go pretty well. But this ... !!

The zone has been up for eleven days now. I know, that's nothing!! So that makes it even more amazing, everything that's happened so far. I would have been happy with this much activity in a month. :-) We've had two meetups already, the regular one on Wednesday last week and then a mini one this afternoon in honor of awaywithfairies' visit. It's a great place for meetup, their couches are so comfortable and the service is great. And the waffles are very delicious too. ;-) So I'm sure there will be a great many meetups there in the future. :-)

OK, so, let's see, the zone has released ... 14 books. I have registered the zone as a separate user on BookCrossing.com - I did that when I first started the zone, in its previous incarnation, it's just changed names - and I register and release some books under that username as well as my own which I use for most of my books. So 14 of those books have been released in the new zone so far. Three of those have been picked up and journalled - one by 'one of us' at meetup, one by a BookCrosser that we don't know (at least not yet) and one by someone new. Plus three of the others have been picked up but not journalled. Yet. :-)

At meetup, we usually release some books ... and I'm sure we'll do that more now that we have the zone to keep stocked. It's a great incentive to bring more books to meetup, because you know you have a good place to leave them if nobody wants them then & there. At both meetups put together we have released, let's see ... 20 books. Four have been picked up & journalled by non-BCers, three by a BCer, two have been picked up and then returned without a JE, and three are just gone, no JE yet. Fantastic results already!!

But between meetups someone has to keep the zone stocked with books. Since it's 'my' zone, that responsibility falls to me, mostly. I was a teensy bit worried when I stopped by the day after meetup last week and saw how many books were gone already. Would I be able to keep up? No worries!! So many others have been releasing books in the zone that I've hardly had to lift a finger. :-) BookCrossers (some we know and especially some we don't) have released, get this, 33 books in the zone during these eleven days. :-o I've released a couple, Pierre42 a few, a pretty new BCer called reetakaroliina three, but special kudos to bokelsker, also a very new member who has apparently really fallen for the concept. :-) S/he has released so many great books in the zone, I am totally impressed. It's wonderful to see someone who's so into this great hobby and really making an effort. Thank you so much, if you read this!! :-) Of those 33 books, six are gone with no JE yet, six have been journalled by various BCers (one has been caught twice already!) and one by an AnonymousFinder. :-)

At least two books have already left the country. :-)

One new member has joined BookCrossing.

We have also received an anonymous donation - an unregistered book was left in the zone. I brought it home, registered it and labeled it, and this afternoon it went back on the shelf. Good luck, little book. :-) Semlasson in Sweden has also sent us a package of four books that I'm waiting for now, they will of course be on the shelf as soon as I can get them there once they arrive. It's so generous and so appreciated. :-)

Please be advised that I may have messed up to some extent and these figures may not be entirely correct. There's been so much that I'm finding it hard to keep track. :-D But whichever way you look at it, the new zone is a resounding success.

Yay and hooray!!! :-D


Paz said...

good when things go better than planned

Leisha Camden said...

It is!! It makes it really worth it. Now just in the couple of days since I wrote this post, nine more books have been released in the zone (although I must confess that four of them were the ones Semlasson sent me in the mail), I have picked up some, Pierre42 has picked up one, and we've gotten one new journal entry from a new member who really enjoyed their Franz Kafka book. It's fun every day to see if something new pops up. :-)