Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Silver, precious silver

This afternoon I went to my parents' house (a rather annoying trip as there are no trains at the moment, they've all been replaced by buses since there's construction work going on between here and Drammen - necessary work, but annoying) for dinner and, obviously, to talk over a few things. I finally got around to telling them about my job woes, which they of course weren't happy about but don't see as a crisis either, fortunately. But naturally it's a great opportunity for them to pursue with renewed strength their traditional run of advice slash nagging about what I should do with my life - go back to school, get a new job, do something with my education, bla bla bla ... but let's not go there. My mother seems to be doing pretty well ... she told me that she's just decided to live in denial this summer, and is trying her best to not obsess about it until she knows things more certainly. So I was happy to hear that, it's what I wanted to hear. They'd had a good time at the cabin and on their trip up along the coast. She's anxious about seeing a neurologist, naturally ... she'll probably find out on Monday exactly when that will be. Fingers crossed.

She had some things for me from my grandmother's house, which was sold a couple of months ago. (It's so weird to think of her house all empty like that ... but on the other hand I am happy that a family will soon be living there, a family of four who love the house and can't wait to move in. Life goes on. :-) I didn't want to lug most of it on the bus with me, so I only took with me a few things. First and foremost my grandmother's bunad silver. So, yay. :-) Now the next time I wear my bunad I will have everything I need. :-)

Here it is:

The one to the left is really old ... I think my grandmother got it for her confirmation, which must have been in 1931. o_O I don't know whether it was bought new at that time, or whether it was something another family member had owned before ... but I'm absolutely sure that my grandmother was very happy to get this beautiful gift. :-)

I also got two other pieces of silver - from the huge collection of skiing trophies my grandfather collected over his lifetime. See the tiny dents on the little one? Those are tooth marks from when my mother was very small and her father let her play with this tiny silver trophy. I never knew that, but my mother told me about it tonight. Aww. :-)


Margo said...

Very pretty..enjoy them!

Paz said...

very nice collection madam, good that your Mum is doing ok

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, she was doing better than I expected, so that was good to see. :-) After she's seen the specialists, she will have some more idea of what she can do herself - exercise, diet, etc - and hopefully that will help her deal with it more, when she can feel that she's actually doing something.

I was really happy to get those silver cup thingies, because one of my first memories from my grandmother's house is the huge collection of these things she had in her sitting room. Now I have a few of them myself, that really means a lot to me. :-)

Paz said...

Glad you got them, I remember the post about the bunad and its nice that they are kept together

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, they belong together. I'm already looking forward to wearing the bunad with the 'right' silver. :-)