Thursday, July 30, 2009

LATVIA 2005: Valters & Kaža – The War Is Not Over

I posted a song recently that my dear reader Paz actually liked. Very odd, very odd indeed. So I'm trying again. ;-)

This is the Latvian entry from the 2005 ESC ... a slow ballad with totally profound lyrics. ;-) The first time I heard this song I completely hated it, I thought it sucked ass ... I was so sure that it would just crash and burn, I couldn't believe it when it made it through from the semi. And then, in the final, it ended up placing 5th. And at one point it even looked as if it might win!! o_O Total weirdness to me then. But I bought the CDs from the show and somehow found myself listening to that song again and again. It really grew on me and now it's one of my favorites from that year. So you never can tell. Hear that, Paz?? ;-)

This is Valters Fridenbergs and Karlis Bumeisters, Valters and Kaža, whichever you prefer, performing The War Is Not Over by Mārtiņš Freimanis. He competed for Latvia in Kyiv on May 19th and 21st, 2005.

Lyrics here.

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Paz said...

congrats you got another one that I don't care for :P, a happy upbeat song about broken dreams etc. the miming at end priceless.
heres another one for you with miming :D