Thursday, December 3, 2009

Katzenjammer live in Oslo

... in almost just one week. :-) The girls will be playing at Sentrum Scene on Saturday, December 12th ... returning in triumph to Oslo after an apparently very successful mini tour of Europe. So, they're moving up in the world ... Sentrum is a bigger venue than Rockefeller, so kudos for that. I've got my ticket and so have at least half a dozen of my friends. :-) Anyone else who feels like going, what are you waiting for?? It's guaranteed to be a fun show. :-) You can get your tickets here.

And here are the girls performing my favorite of their songs, Hey, Ho, On the Devil's Back.

At least it's my favorite so far. :-) They're working on their second album, from which we will presumably be hearing a number of songs on Saturday. Should be interesting. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Have fun, it sounds super exciting!