Monday, December 14, 2009


Boo-hoo, sad news for Leisha. My computer was attacked by some virus last night and is now wild'n'crazy. I can get online, barely, but strange things happen. Most other programs don't work, just the browser ... and I can't install anything new or uninstall the crap that's making the poor thing go crazy. I'm going to some place downtown that trilltrall told me about and let one of the computer doctors make it all better. I called them this morning, they said come by this afternoon and they'll be able to take a look at it in a day or two. I hope so. I'm handicapped without my trusty laptop. :-( But there it is, these things happen. I guess maybe I'm lucky that it hasn't happened before. Still, sad and so on.

Anyway ... I'm at work now writing this, and as you can imagine, updates and replies to comments and so on will be on a minimum for a while till I get this fixed. Hopefully won't take too long, but who knows. Waah ... !

Yeah, you can laugh, mister ... >:-(


Paz said...

Sorry to hear about the laptop, I would be lost without mine.
Today on I heard them with lists of the decade on radio show I often listen too while driving. They were doing the movie list and the discussion turned to actors that actually men can respect for doing their own stunts, Keanu made #3 on their list of actors that men could respect since John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

Elin said...

Yeiks! You should get yourself Linux! Yes, you should!