Wednesday, December 30, 2009

IRELAND 1996: Eimear Quinn - The Voice

This one's for you, Paz. ;-)

Others may argue, but IMO this is the best Irish ESC entry ever. And it's one of my personal favorite entries too. I just love this song. :-) There's just nothing wrong with it. :-) Quinn's voice is so beautiful and so expressive, the melody is gorgeous and beautifully played, and the lyrics are original and evocative. It's just such a beautiful song. Listen to this, people, and then you won't need to ask why Europe hated Dustin the Turkey ... he was offensive because we know from experience that Ireland can do so much better.

This song won in Norway and partly thanks to Norway ... it was our entry Nocturne from the previous year that paved the way for this song. (I'll be posting that one next year. :-) I remember watching this on TV and loving the song from the first moment I heard it ... and I was certain, from the moment Quinn began to sing, that Ireland would be winning yet again. :-) To the chagrin of RTÉ, probably, but a very well-deserved victory. :-)

This is Eimear Quinn performing The Voice by Brendan J Graham. He competed for Ireland in Oslo Spektrum on May 18th, 1996 and won by an at the time very convincing 48 points.

Lyrics here.


Anonymous said...

Now that is one of my favourite ESC entries ever - I totally adore that song <3 Nocturne paved way for more than The Voice that year as well - another favourite of mine from 96 is the French entry Diwanit Bugale- sung in Breton! :)

KAS said...

Agree with Leisha and findabair on this one :-D It's lovely.

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, well, when I'm right, I'm right. :-)

findabair: 1996 was a very good year! :-)

Paz said...

Findabair say it aint so, you have been brought over to the dark side, ESC. :'(
Saw her on one of the morning TV shows signing O Holy Night, her voice was OKish, she seems to be doing a lot of choir/religious singing these days. Still not a bad looker, the rumour in Ireland she only got the ESC gig because she was sleeping with her Music professor, allegedly.

Leisha Camden said...

'brought over to the dark side'

Bwahahahaha!! One of us, one of us, one of us ... !!!


Paz said...

damn you vile woman

Elin said...

If I'd heard it without knowing it was an ESC song, I would never have guessed! It really is a beautiful somg!