Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, you don't say ...

From Aftenposten on Sunday, December 27th. My translation.

- The Pope is vulnerable
The Vatican admits that pope Benedict XVI is vulnerable to attacks. It is impossible to protect the pope against assaults of the type that took place during the mass on Christmas Eve, says a spokesman.

Huh. Isn't that odd. I can think of at least one ... entity ... that ought to be able to protect Herr Ratzinger from pretty much everything.



Shiva said...

Yeah, I keep thinking the exact same thing everytime stuff like this happens. Why does the guy even need protection? Whatever happened to divine protection? Lol...

You should add this image to your blog post ;D


Paz said...

funny thing is the pope said in May ""The divine shepherd knows no rest in his work of protecting his people," he said. "God will take care of us at every moment with love, protecting our life from every evil"
so God was watching the assault and he did nothing, Just the same as he watches you everytime you go to the toilet or interfere with yourself, he's a sick bugger ;P

DES said...

Have you considered the possibility that the Divine Shepherd was trying to protect us from him?

Leisha Camden said...

For obvious reasons, no, I have not. >:-)

Shiva, thanks for the url, I love that one. Have actually been looking for it so thanks for posting it here. :-)

Paz: Yes, god has some weird interests, that's certainly true. ;-)