Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sad story gives me flashback

Read this sad story over at the Scandinavian BookCrossing forum. Aww!! Stuff like that breaks my heart. I hope she finds her teddy bear. :-(

But then, after reading it and thinking some sympathetic thoughts, I had a nasty flashback. Anyone remember this:

WTF was the deal with that kid?? ADD or just total evilness?? Why did he send poor Joppe through the mail if he was so afraid of losing him?? Stupid loser idiot brat!! >:-(

DÖDA JOPPE, RÄDD ELLER LEVANDE ... !! No, I don't mean that, I used to really like Joppe when I used to watch this actually pretty weird show. But I always felt sorry for him having to live with that awful kid who treated him so badly ...


Paz said...

I think evilness

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, evilness is statistically less likely, but seems strikingly evident here all the same.