Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ALBANIA 2010: Juliana Pasha - Nuk mundem pa ty

Ooh, Albania ... !! :-D

As usual, the Albanians are the very first to choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Their Festivali i Këngës is held in January and the Albanian song is chosen then. As usual, it will probably not be the finest offering of the evening come May. ;-)

This song is performed by someone called Juliana Pasha. Obviously. But doesn't that sound like just one person? I think it is just one person. I think it's the blonde. But there are two women performing the song. o_O Sheesh, those Albanians ... !

Anyway. This is a pretty standard song, a traditional ESC ditty that may score some points, but it may just as well be overlooked. Depends on how original the rest of the lineup is. ;-) It's pretty catchy ... but of course I don't understand one word of the lyrics, and most of the rest of the audience won't either. So maybe that won't be that much of a plus. :-) Also, last year, they changed the performance from the national final to the international semi, and they turned it into total fucked up weirdness and didn't get anywhere with it. So I'm withholding judgment till I see the finished product. :-)

A perfectly acceptable entry, a standard but catchy little ditty. This is Juliana Pasha performing Nuk mundem pa ty by Ardit Gjebrea and Pirro Çako. They will be competing for Albania on either Tuesday, May 25th or Thursday, May 27th. Probably not on Saturday, May 29th. ;-)

Lyrics here. No translation yet, but I'm sure that'll be added by and by. :-)


curious said...

Juliana Pasha has very nice voice. However the song could be better as for me. You are right the song is standard and will score some points. It's a pity because Juliana can score more and take a high place in final show.

Mandy and Rob said...

Greetings from Cyprus, enjoyed the blog, Regards