Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What an absurd place this world is

Isn't this world a crazy fucked up place?

We have it too good in this country. Seriously, we have it far too fucking good. I don't understand that people aren't ashamed of themselves. >:-(

Context: Our state-owned broadcasting channel, NRK, are making some changes to their schedule these days, changing their news profile a bit and what have you. One of the changes they've made is that they've moved some piece of shit kiddie TV show, In the Night Garden, to a different slot. It used to be on at 5:30pm, now it's 10:30am instead. Or something like that. I don't know exactly, because I don't care. But a lot of people do care. Apparently a bunch of parents are like addicted to this show because it has such a soothing & calming effect on their toddlers before bedtime, that they're up in arms now because it's in a different slot. Someone started a Facebook campaign to bring it back to the original slot, and it has something like 21,000 members now. And get this, the goddamn Progress Party are going to bring it up in Parliament!! I'm not kidding!! There's something called the 'question hour' where any issue can be brought to the floor. And some fucking dipshit idiot from the Progress Party is actually going to bring up In the Night Garden and how it's just so awful that NRK isn't listening to its viewing audience and reinstating it in its original slot. Won't somebody think of the children ... !!!

OK, so, leaving aside the fact that this show is available on DVD and also can be recorded from TV because it's still on ... leaving aside the fact that 18-month-old babies shouldn't even be watching TV AFAIK, since TV just makes them passive and research shows that watching TV is not in any way beneficial to toddlers, and is in fact more likely to be harmful because it gives the brain all the wrong stimuli ... leaving aside the fact that if you need a TV show to calm your child down, you're probably not doing the parenting thing right - what's wrong with a book?? Yes, even leaving aside the fact that this totally gives the lie to Progress Party policy of preferring lesser state involvement - now they're complaining, they actually have the fucking gall to complain, that the Secretary of the Department of Culture isn't intervening to force NRK to reinstate the show (despite the fact that this would be against the Broadcasting Act, yes, the law & order party are encouraging Anniken Huitfeldt to break the law!!) ... even leaving that aside, WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this country that something like this is being discussed in Parliament?? That we have politicans who can even consider, even conceive of the thought of bringing this up for discussion in Parliament? Yes, I love Norway, but sometimes I just want to punch someone in the face.

We have it too good here. And if we were more aware of that fact, maybe we wouldn't be worrying over some stupid TV show that's supposedly no longer available to babysit our kids so we have to do it ourselves, boo-hoo!, maybe we wouldn't waste our time on shit like this but instead discussing, oh, I don't know ... how we can help the Haitians??

We really don't know how good we have it. :-(


Paz said...

ITA, the vocal minority strikes again.

James said...

You'll be pleased to hear that my brother reads to his son every night before bed. Recent reads include Roald Dahl's "The Witches" and David Walliams' "Mr Stink", which will hopefully go to show that there is some small hope for the world.

Unusual as it is for me to be the one to point out this kind of thing. Really don't know what's come over me...

Leisha Camden said...

Paz, you're so right, the vocal minority can always be counted on to pop out of the woodwork (and usually to support the most braindead things). It is so ridiculous what they're saying now, that since almost 22,000 members of the viewing public want this show on the air in that slot, they 'ought to' get it, they 'deserve' to get it ... what about porn, I'm sure there are way more than 22,000 people here who want that, but no one's saying that NRK has to show it just because x number of people want it. Oh, the stupidity ... !!

James, that is so sweet about your brother!! See, I knew there's more to him than what you'd have me believe. ;-) Kudos to him for reading to your nephew ... and for choosing such great reading material too. Roald Dahl ftw!! :-D

Paz said...

I wont ask why your mind went to porn, I am sure there are other examples, like religious content etc

Rose said...

I dont know any parent who isnt guilty of occasionally using the TV as a babysitter (usually when life and tiredness take over) but to get it to Parliament, wow!!! Maybe thats what our politicans need.....a good dose of "In The Night Garden" to calm and relax them and then maybe they could address the real issues that families face :)
Hugs xxx