Saturday, January 30, 2010

ESC 2010: Norway, semi-final

I have my own particular sorrows, loves, delights; and you have yours. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality.
H.A. Overstreet

Live from Sarpsborg, and the big question on everyone's mind is ... Who's going to go through to the final??

There'll be four duels, the winners of the first two will square off against each other, and the winners of these last duels will get through to the final. So who will get through? Hm, let's see.

Duel #1 - Skanksters vs Bjørn Johan Muri. My money's on Muri for this one. Should be obvious.
Duel #2 - Gaute Ormåsen vs Heine Totland. Idol-Gaute, hands down. And he deserves it, too. It's a pretty good song and he's also the only one singing in Norwegian.

Then when these winners compete against each other, I'm betting on Ormåsen to win the place in the final. He was in Idol, that unfortunately always has to count for something. But then again, so was Muri, so who knows? ;-)

Duel #3 - Johnny Hide vs Mira Craig. Craig, obviously. Just because she's Mira Craig ... alas, because the song and the weird performance don't really deserve it. But Hide definitely doesn't deserve it - him as a singer, not the song, unfortunately - so it's the lesser of two evils.
Duel 3# - Karoline Garfjell vs Venke Knutson. Hmm ... I'm thinking Knutson. It's the better entry, and it's also more mainstream, so she'll be getting more votes ... and that's not even considering the fact that she is, well, Venke Knutson. :-)

When the winners here compete, then I'm worried it'll be Craig. Again, just because of who she is. She has a huge built-in fanbase ... unfortunately, in this connection. Either her or Knutson. But probably her. >:-(


Duel #1, check. #2, check. :-) #3, check. #4, check. Gosh, I'm clever.

OK, second round.
Duel #1 - Bjørn Johan Muri vs Gaute Ormåsen.
Duel #2 - Mira Craig vs Venke Knutson.
Results? Ormåsen and Craig. I would rather have Knutson, but my hopes aren't high.


Duel #1: Bjørn Johan Muri! WTF?? OK ... I guess a lot of teenyboppers have been voting tonight ... and I also guess that not a lot of people think it's a plus to sing in Norwegian. Huh. Surprised now ...
Duel #2: Venke Knutson - wahey!! OK, I'm not so clever after all. :-D But I am so happy about that because Mira Craig isn't in the final! Yay! Take your stupid giant dress and go home. :-D

OK, pretty happy with this. And Venke Knutson is really happy ... ! :-D

See you next Saturday ... !!!


KAS said...

Too bad Karoline Garfjell didn't get through. Oh well. Will be voting for Keep of Kalessin in the final, then. =)

Leisha Camden said...

Keep of Kalessin it is, totally. We so have to send them. It'd be perfect. :-)