Sunday, January 31, 2010

Books I've read in 2010 - January

QuixotiQ by Ali al Saeed
The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett
Kunzelmann & Kunzelmann by Carl-Johan Vallgren – AUDIO
Perfect Happiness by Rachel Billington
Trankebar by Yngvar Ustvedt
Bartleby by Herman Melville (a Penguin 60)
Rør himlen by Susan Madison
Men ikke hvis det gjelder din datter by Jan Guillou – AUDIO
Twitterature by Aciman/Rensin
Den lille prinsen by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – AUDIO
Making Money by Terry Pratchett
Dead Ends by Michael Reynolds
Skygge by Karin Alvtegen – AUDIO
Tennyson's Gift by Lynne Truss
Svik by Karin Alvtegen – AUDIO

10 printed books, 2,639 pages.
5 audiobooks, 52h 20m.

Favorite fiction:
Making Money. Hey, it's Pterry, what can I say. He's my hero. :-)

Favorite nonfiction:
Not much to choose from here. I guess Trankebar, even though it was far from as well written as I had expected it to be. But the subject matter - Danish-Norwegian colonial history in India - was very interesting.

Favorite audio:
Hard to choose here. But I guess I have to go with Svik, even though the Vallgren book was fantastic too. Svik had an absolutely fascinating plot, and it was SO well read (by the actress Andrine Sæther - the perfect reader for this book). This really stood out because just before it I had read another audiobook by the same author, but with a different reader, who did a pretty crappy job.

And finally, although I don't normally do this, I have to mention my least favorite read too - QuixotiQ, by a total idiot with no talent. DO NOT READ.


KAS said...

Wow. QuixotiQ has an Official Web Site, did you know?

Leisha Camden said...


Not that there's a site, cause anyone can set up a website (although when i first read your comment I thought you meant a fansite, which would have totally blown my mind!! :-D) but that this unbelievably crappy book actually won a Book of the Year Award ... !!! :-o

[Statement that may be construed as racist alert]

Well, you know that the Muslim world is developmentally retarded. This is just one more example. If this is the best book that was published in Bahrain in 2004, it must also have been the only one. I mean ... you know what I mean. o_O

KAS said...

I know. Book of the year. I'm still in shock.